Adventures with Fosters

I have another group of fosters! These were a family of five cats of varying ages, sizes, temperaments and colors that were collateral damage after a divorce. Neither partner wanted the cats, which has to be a difficult decision in a difficult situation, so they were surrendered to Animal Control, who brought them to me. Three of the five were picked up by MSPCA to be vet-checked and adopted out. It was the quickest foster turn-around I’ve had! I had three on Friday, five on Saturday and two by Tuesday.

I still have “Cosmo”, the ginger in the lower right. He’s two, with no health problems, and a very expressive face, so there shouldn’t be difficulty for Habitat for Cats adopting him out. I also still have “Iris”, the tortie in the upper left. She is also two, and despite a few fleas, which have been medicated, is also healthy. They are pretty quiet, but do like attention and toys.

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